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Improve your Financial Future Today… For Free!

Improve your Financial Future Today… For Free!

Just about all of us have one thing or another we would love to change or improve upon in our lives. After all, there is always something we can get better at regardless of our current circumstances. I’m assuming, given the fact that you found your way to this post, that you are looking to make some financial strides in the near future. Well, you’re in luck! There is something that every single person reading this post can do TODAY that will improve their current financial outlook. Now, there are as many different facets of personal finance as their are choices at Subway… but we’re not going to dwell on specifics (Always go with the Italian Herbs and Cheese… who am I kidding). So, right now, I’m going to ask you to imagine what part of your current financial situation you would like to change…

Once you have answered that question, give yourself a pat on the back, because you’ve just completed the most important step of this entire process: identifying your very own financial goal. Goal-setting is a fantastic financial tool for many reasons, but allow me to state the most obvious (as well as my personal favorite). IT’S FREE! It doesn’t cost us anything to identify a current weakness that we would like to improve upon. I don’t know about you, but that’s the kind of bang I like to get for my buck. That’s not all, here are a few tips you can use to further optimize the goal-setting process:

  • Write it down– Setting the goal itself is important, but studies show that you can really unleash the power of goal-setting by putting pen to paper and writing it down. Just the simple task of writing down your goals can make them up to 42% more attainable.
  • Make it mobile– Carry your goals around with you in your wallet. Maybe save them as the background on your phone. At the very least post them somewhere that you will see them several times a day.
  • Tell a friend– Don’t keep your goals a secret. Having a confidante will bring some much needed accountability into the situation. Think of them like a workout partner… but for your wallet.
  • Be real- Set a realistically attainable goal. When you start off in the goal-setting process, start small, and work your way up. A little bit of momentum will go a long way.
  • Set the time- Accompany your realistic goals with a realistic time frame. It’s fine to be ambitious, but make sure you’re not setting yourself up for failure before you even begin.

  • Break it down- Divide your big goal into smaller ones. These mini goals will not only serve as stepping stones on the path to the ultimate prize, but they will also allow you to win some small victories along the way to help bolster your confidence. Attaching dates to these smaller goals can also be very helpful.

We all have financial goals we can start working towards. Sometimes you just need a little kick in the pants… well lucky for you…. You entered the right dojo. Follow these simple steps, and make your financial goals your financial reality. Take control of your future, today!

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Welcome to The Money Dojo.  Thanks for visiting – we hope you learn something while you’re here.

You can call me CB and my two friends/fellow bloggers are MB and RB. We decided to create this blog to share our story, experiences, and aspirations of financial freedoms like we’re sure many of you have. American icon, Ben Franklin, said “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” While we’re not rich to the likes of Scrooge McDuck, we consider ourselves disciplined and intelligent with our money and spending as well as determined to obtain our financial goals. We hope you enjoy what we have to say and hopefully by the end of this blog, we (yourself included) are a little smarter and a little richer.

I am a high school teacher/coach in Texas. I’m married, possess two college degrees, and have a pet golden retriever. My wife and I are also expecting our first child in June and I was also able to purchase my first home while I was 25! While happy with my current successes, I’m far from where I want to be. My brain is in perpetual motion searching for a way to grow my income and increase my time flexibility. It’s not a financial secret that letting your money work for you is what all great investors strive for, but getting over the hump and achieving this status stalls out many individuals with big dreams. I, too, have yet to get over that hurdle, but believe that my education and relentlessness will one day get me there.

The three of us started as high school baseball teammates, became friends, and eventually business partners. While each of us is at a different phase in life, we all have a common goal. We want to take control of our own financial destinies, and help others do the same. Armed with a thirst for knowledge and a passion for success, we’ll get there. We would love for you to take the plunge with us.

CB, MB, & RB