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What we do

Our ultimate goal here at The Money Dojo is to put more money in your pocket. Our message is not for individuals looking to get rich quick or take shortcuts to achieve financial success, even as tempting as they often appear. Because no two persons’ financial situations are the same, we try to equip our readers with the fundamental weapons used to eliminate debt, stick to a budget, and develop a healthy, fiscal lifestyle. It is important to understand that this rewarding lifestyle is a journey, not a destination. We are not the crash diet fad of the finance world.

As your Centsei, we will do our best to write about everything from getting out of debt, to buying a car, to saving for retirement. Please feel free to contact us for any topics in particular you would like to learn about as education for our readers is our focus. We are always adding new and exciting features to our site, so be sure to subscribe to our greenbelts mailing list for updates along the way! By visiting our blog, you’ve already taken a great step in the right direction to a better relationship between you and your money.